Paid Posting, Is it for you?

First off, If you aren’t sure what “Paid Posting” is, it is basically the concept that you “hire” or pay someone(s) to create threads and/or posts on your site. Usually it is done without regular members knowing that these users are paid to post and its usually good to keep it that way because they may feel a bit “cheated” or upset that you are paying others to post, or even that these other people don’t really want to be on your forum and that they’re there just for the cash.

My personal opinion on Paid Posting is that I don’t use it, and don’t plan on ever starting but I do see its positives as well. When I first saw paid posting start up, I was shocked that Admins would even think about doing this sort of “trickery” as I saw it. It wasn’t until I sat down and thought about it that I can see both sides, although I’m still on the side that it isn’t -right- it is part of the forum world now, and used by more people than you may think.


  • One of the hardest things for a forum is getting that “busy” feel, or those first few hundred posts to get the forum rolling. Paid posting can alleviate that stress if you want it to, and have the pockets to do it with.
  • Most Paid Posting services will cater to you – this means that you get keyword rich and specific posts that you want on your forum
  • Negatives:

  • They obviously cost money
  • The posts are permanent, but the members they create post they’re specified number of posts and leave
  • It can be looked at as deceiving your guests and members
  • Paid Posting is a debate that can ruffle some feathers in the admin world, but if you’re in need of posts and members, this is a very realistic method that you can use.