Recently signed up for Text-Link-Ads

Well I am beginning my venture into possibly making advertising money through F-Body Online. I am not a fan of large banners (especially those damn annoying talking ones) and find most image banners to be pretty intrusive on the design and feel of a site. That is why I’ve decided to give Text-Link-Ads a try for a while. The site is nice and easy to understand with a very good FAQ. I had one small problem with my site not getting approved in the 24 hours that it took, but the support team quickly responded and approved me ASAP. I am now waiting for offers for text links for my approval. That is another huge plus for TLA over other advertisers; you can say yes or no to different advertisers that want to put their text link on your page(s) and it gives you control over what is shown, not just “relative links” as Google Adsense and other advertising sites do.

While I can’t say how good they are with payouts and things yet, because I have just been approved and added the needed code to my forumhome template, TLA gives you a price they think is reasonable for links on your site through an equation that I don’t know the specifics of. So basically it is now a waiting game for advertisers to pick up my site and start advertising.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated with new posts about TLA as I get more information.