vBSEO purchase

For F-Body Online I plan on purchasing vBSEO within the next few weeks when I have a bit more cash in my pockets. vBSEO optimizes vBulletin for search engines to potentially gain new views and members through google, yahoo, and all the other engines as well. One of the main focuses of this blog will be to record my time with vBSEO and how my site and its statistics react to the installation and integration over time, as well as discussing different options and choices with vBSEO.

Domestic Disturbance is in the process of getting a new homepage. While it will basically be just a place to put a link to the forum, I’d like it to look somewhat professional and help to create new registrations. I am still contemplating installing Joomla! or another Content Management system with just editing, but many of them feel too bloated to work for DD.