Text-Link-Ads update

Or lack there of…

Since installing their script and waiting for offers for text links, I’ve gotten nothing in about 2 weeks. Now I know that F-Body Online isn’t a huge forum, but they are supposed to price your links “according” to your traffic. However it seems it might be too high at $15.00 a month for a forum with only 175 members. That is why I suspect I am not getting any offers as of yet. I’ll keep it around a bit longer, and see if I can lower the price after that but I don’t see the ability to.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll be trying LinkWorth for the same amount of time and giving you an update for their services.

It seems selling text links on your own may be worth the effort and cost savings from what I am initially gathering here. Browsing through their publisher listings it looks like a large majority of the $15.00 ads have no offers or ads currently running. Maybe that should be a red-flag for the TLA staff to check into maybe offering something lower, or just not accepting smaller sites and wasting their time.