vBSEO is worth the price!

I sat with a vBulletin forum for 10 months before installing vBSEO because the pricetag (~150.00 USD) was a bit steep and I wasn’t quite sure it would work. Well I figured I’d take the stab at it (as you already know if you’ve read any past posts) and the results have been nothing but good.

Not only have my Rankings for Google, Yahoo, Live, and MSN all over tripled, I’ve also been getting more traffic that wants to be here . Before vBSEO was installed during a month I was averaging about 3 pages/visit, in the month and 10 days since, I’m averaging 7.5 pages/visit.

I am now in the top 10 in google for “f body forums” and top 15 for many other similar phrases like f-body forum and others.