OpenX Hosted

I’ve always been interested in OpenX (formerly OpenAds and other names before that that I can’t keep track of) as a way to keep my sites advertisers happy with trackable clicks, page views, and more.

The problem was I tried to install it once on a older site and host, and OpenX and my hosting account were not getting along.

Along comes a new way to use OpenX. You can now sign up to enter a beta program for OpenX Hosted. This is a basic version of the OpenX platform, but you sign up on their site and they host the program. So far I enjoy it, and it makes life much easier by keeping all of my sites in a single location when it comes to advertising and campaigns. I highly recommend signing up for the beta and trying it out yourself if you’re looking for a Ad Management system. The only problem I’ve ran into so far was I had a 15 minute period of time at around 1am this past week that the system must have been down. This slowed loading on my pages dramatically, but I have not had any other problems with it since then. This could be from an update OpenX was doing to their platform.