vBSEO 10 Month Review

If anyone has any questions about vBSEO and are wondering if its worth the money. Well the short answer is YES!

I’m just a regular guy, who researched a bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, and then ran across vBSEO and thought it looked interesting but couldn’t get over the price. About 5 months after my forum started I bit the bullet and bought the software for my Camaro & Firebird site.

I installed vBSEO on August 13th, 2007. I’ve had some up and downs since then, but one thing that has never gone down during this time is search engine referrals (especially google).

Since I installed Google Analytics only 2 and a half months before the install of vBSEO I can understand why skeptics could be a bit turned off by the above graph.

However, this one gives real proof

When a Forum that is little over 1 year old and has only 700 members is ranking higher on almost all terms than forums with 10’s of thousands of members and 5+ years online, something is working well.

Sure, I’ve done other things to help my search engine rankings as everyone should. No one states that vBSEO or any other SEO product is a magic install that just works and you can leave your site stagnant for 1 year and then blame them when it goes wrong. However, I am no SEO Expert, just a guy who started a site online, read some free articles and watched some videos, talked with others and am now on the top of google (for a few terms-more will come with time). I see the price tag of vBSEO now and wouldn’t think twice of buying a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th license if I had the forums that needed it.