Night Owl

For years now, I’ve tried to be “normal”, in the sense that I work a “nine to five” work schedule. When I first started freelancing more, I was looking for any advice I could get and everywhere you turn you read that you need to have a set schedule for work. I’ve found that in my case, this theory is bullshit. I’ve always enjoyed working at night. I always seem to focus more on the tasks at hand, I have no distractions, whether their in my own head or from the outside world, and I just feel like I’m more creative when working my weird hours.

So I’ve decided I’m not going to fight it anymore. Why I was so afraid to just work the hours I really want to work I may never know, other than to think I need to fit a mold.

There is not much I like better than to work creatively with my headphones on at 2:00 AM on a weekday.