Mikey’s Way is a non-profit that focuses on helping children with cancer and other life-threatening forms of illness. Children with these types of illnesses often find it very difficult to keep upbeat and happy, often because of the boredom and seclusion of being in a hospital for long periods of time. Mikey’s Way helps to ease this issue through technology by giving children modern technological devices like Laptops, Tablets, and other WiFi connected devices that help these children connect with their friends and hobbies. It is easy to see the enormous impact that the Foundation has, and we were thrilled to work with such a great group of people.

The Challenge

The Staff and Volunteers at Mikey’s Way Foundation needed to update their website to easily publish new photos, events, and press items. They also needed to make it as simple as possible for visitors to help out in different ways, like sign up to volunteer, donate, or submit requests for children.

The Goals

  • Editable and Expandable Website
  • Integrate Donation Forms
  • Build upon Mikey’s legacy and selflessness
  • Worry-Free Website Software and Security
  • Mobile-Friendly Design