Web Design Questionnaire

Thank you for working with Staple Web Design. This questionnaire is built to help strengthen the idea of what type of website you're looking to have created.

The more informative and specific you can be, the better we'll be able to create a design that is exactly what you wanted and more.

  • Basic Information

  • if applicable
  • Design

    Does your company/website currently have a logo. If so would you like to continue to use this exact logo, or have us design a new logo for you.
  • Would you like your site to have a specific theme. For Example; rustic and aged design, dark and grungy, clean and corporate, etc...
  • For example, a business oriented site would want: "simple, professional, classy, conservative"; a parenting site may want: "fun, playful, informative"; and while a sports site would like: "dynamic, heated, fiery, active"
  • Do you have a specific set of colors that you need to use on the site to fit with your brand. If not, do you have any color choices you enjoy and would like to use?
  • List as many websites as you'd like that have a design that is inspirational to you. They don't need to be within your sites niche, but if possible explain what you enjoy about the sites and possibly what you dislike about parts as well.
  • Website Functionality/Interaction

  • What is the target demographic you're looking to attract to the site. Be as detailed as you'd like. Age, sex, location, computer savvy, etc...
    Would you like a section where you can write content on a semi-regular basis. This could be a blog, news section, or any other area that will require chronoligical postings.
  • What is the main reason that web visitors will be coming to your site. Are they looking to buy something, find more information about the company, looking to contact you directly? What is the main call to action for a visitor.
    Check any additional features that will be needed of the site. If we're missing one, add it manually below in the next question.
  • Add any additional features for the site that are not listed or explained above.