I was contacted by Dennis Gaebel of Gray Ghost Visuals to help him design the UI for a new Artisanal Malthouse that was opening in the Fingerlakes of New York. We also connected with T.J. Murrin, who crafted the Brand Identity.

The business had decided that they would like to incorporate a Red-Winged Blackbird into their identity, as these were all around the Malthouse’s location, and also common in fields of grains where they can be seen murmuring in very large groups.

Focusing on the Interface, I wanted to create a unique and tactile presence. The design is meant to focus on showcasing the business as a creator of a local, natural product. Bringing back the Local Malthouse. Making it a professional, but also locally sustainable, using the terrain, as well as the barley, I wanted to bring the visitor as close to possible as being a part of the malting process.

The goal of the website is to provide information to potential buyers of malt, and of course to make it as simple and quick as possible to let them contact Murmuration Malts.