Brand Identity & Design

Building Lasting Personalities for Companies

What is Brand Identity and Design?

A Holistic Approach at Giving a Company a Voice and Tone

Branding is more than just your logo or color scheme. Those are small and important parts, but the goal is to create something organic that fits with a company or product, and resonates with its users or customers.

Every company has a unique personality and story, the challenge that we love to help solve is finding it, and holistically expressing it through the design of visuals as well as any other way customers interact with it.

Deliverables include Brand Ethos, Brand Strategy Guidelines, Logos, Stationary, and brief guidelines for use that are easy to follow.

Some Recent Branding Projects

Landscape Design & Build Firm
Boutique Salon & Spa
University Research Lab
Finding Top RV Destinations
Fostering Online Communities
Venture Capital Firm