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Deleting WordPress Users, Carefully

This is a quick article, based on an incident that happened last week to a client of mine. So you’re looking out for your website, and want to delete any old WordPress users from the site that no longer need access. This is a good thing, and you deserve a cookie. This type of thinking …

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Typography & WordPress

I’m here to hopefully convince you that typography means something to the user experience, and will be felt by many visitors.┬áText is the most common element on a website. In this article I’ll explain what exactly typography is, why it matters, and how you can control the┬átypography on your WordPress sites. …

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Classic Automotive Typography

Most people I talk to regularly know I’m a bit of a typography nut. I’ve always had a soft spot for typography and custom lettering. This is my story about how I first started really paying attention to letterforms, and how it connects to classic automotive design. I have always been interested in everything relating …

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Talk: Building a Custom Theme in 30 Minutes

At WordCamp Buffalo 2016, Ben Dunkle and I gave a talk named “A Custom Theme in 30 Minutes”.

You can view the Slides for A Custom Theme in 30 Minutes. You can also check out the Github repository of the files of the theme we created live at the event. The theme has many comments added to help show you what certain sections of code do. …

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Scroll Hijacking, not sure of the point.

Scroll Hijacking, as it is commonly referred to by designers and developers is when you’re at a site, and you attempt to scroll and the site decides it knows better and hinders your scrolling to “prettify” your experience. …

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