vBulletin Tags

With the Gold release of vBulletin 3.7.0, the most noticeable differences in vBulletin are the social elements such as an updated friends/contact list, user albums, and profile comments. Along with this, and the “Web 2.0” vibe, of course, they added Tags. I’ve never really been a fan of tags, but I’ve started to use them for a few reasons.

First; Google has hinted several times that they’re trying to focus on tags with the direction the internet and search is heading, so even if you’re not currently using a tag cloud, or tag searches on your vBulletin site I think it might be worth the few extra seconds on each thread to add a few tags in case this becomes a solid search element in google and other search engines.

Second; Technorati.com and other blog/news sites already focus on tags when deciphering your data.

This is why I have began using tags, and I’m really not too worried about the whole duplicate content fuss, because tons of many others